Anglo-Russian Learning Centre Edinburgh

Anglo-Russian Learning Centre

Russian Lesson

Category : Practice, Russian Lesson · No Comments · by Май 29th, 2013

The photo report from the Russian lesson in one of Edinburgh companies in a friendly atmosphere. Starting to learn Russian is not always easy for English speakers. Pronouncing the Russian letters and applying reading rules is a bit confusing but possible 🙂



Russian Conversation Club

Category : Russian Conversation Club · (9) Comments · by Май 10th, 2010

You will enjoy communicating Russian in a friendly atmosphere with the students who are learning Russian with you. It’s a great way to learn some more about Russia apart from lessons, to speak Russian, to discuss various topics in Russian (the topic of each session is given in advance), to do different activities, to have fun and to make new friends. The aim of Russian Conversation Club is to improve Russian conversational skills and to learn more about Russian culture and history.